A vial (also known as a phial or flacon) is a small glass or plastic vessel or bottle, often used to store medication as liquids, powders or capsules. There are different types of vials such as a single dose vial and multi-dose vials often used for medications. The single dose vial is only used once .. more

881 drugs


Lidocaine 2%

Penicillin-G sodium

Penicllin-G sodium 1 million i.u

Penicillin-G procaine

100.000 IU , P.Procain 300.000 IU


(Long acting Penicillin) 1.200000 i.u

Amikacin 100 mg/2 ml

Amikacin 100 mg

Amikacin 250/2ml

Amikacin 250mg

Amikacin 500mg/2ml

Amikacin 500mg

Amikin 100mg/2ml

Amikacin 100mg

Amikin 250mg/2ml

Amikacin 250mg

Amikin 500mg/2ml

Amikacin 500mg